What Your Dog Does at Vista Ridge:

Dogs long for interaction with their own species. They are pack animals, after all. At home, your family is their pack, but dogs also need a safe, structured place to give in to instincts like running, climbing and wrestling. Like our human children, dogs crave attention and thrive on exercise, activities and socialization.

You deserve a safe haven that meets your pet’s every need in one clean, positive environment. At Vista Ridge, we know that today’s pet owners lead busy lives. When you’re pulled in many directions, your 'furry babies' can get lost in the shuffle. Your pets are precious family members. They enjoy special treats and constant affection.

When you’re away, don’t make them spend lonely days in an empty house. Bring them to Vista Ridge! You can bring them once a week, once a month, for that last minute trip or the planned vacation!

Your dog's day is the canine equivalent of child care. Simply drop your pets off at Vista Ridge and pick them up when you need to. Your dog will spend the days socializing with similar-sized dogs in our temperature-controlled indoor play room, with regular field trips to our completely fenced in and secure outdoor playground, where they can play, run, chase a ball, splash in our summertime doggie pool or catch a nap in the shade. Your wee ones will be constantly supervised indoors and out, with plenty of chances for cuddles and games of fetch from our animal-loving staff.

Fresh water is provided all-day long at Vista Ridge, both in our playrooms and outdoor playground. Bathroom areas are available everywhere the dogs are, and are kept picked up at all times. No crossed-legs here!

The benefits of your dog's stay are astounding. It’s a healthy learning and socialization tool for dogs of all ages/breeds. It increases confidence and agility, provides excellent stress relief and teaches invaluable social skills that help dogs interact with other canines and humans throughout their lives.

Coming to Vista Ridge several days a week can help with house training and eliminate nuisance behaviors such as stress-induced chewing – and all of that exercise makes energetic breeds a joy to be with once you get them back home. Your dog will have more fun than they can shake a stick at!

Give your best friend the big treat they deserve. Give Vista Ridge a call at 706-757-3890.
This page was last updated: January 21, 2018