Vista Ridge owners, Jim & Susan, have been involved in Pure-Bred Vizsla & Weimaraner and Mixed-Breed dog rescue for 15 years. They currently own several of those rescued dogs as well as several Vizsla show dogs. Their show dog kennel name is Vista Ridge Vizslas!
About Us and The Kennels
This page was last updated: June 15, 2018
About Our Dog Kennels
Vista Ridge manager, Nancy, has shown and bred Vizslas for over 30 years, under the kennel name Vizcaya Vizslas. She has also been a veterinary technician for 20 of those years. Loving care and health awareness are in the every day running of Vista Ridge Kennels!
Vista Ridge Kennels is here to care for your dog(s) whenever they need a safe, enjoyable vacation home:

• Day care for busy work or school days
• Overnight stays for out-of-town trips
  or those home renovations
• Play time needed for your lively pet!

What makes Vista Ridge Kennels different from other boarding facilities? Well, we’re small. Your dog won’t be just another wagging tail in a mass of canines. They’ll always be Top Dog here – with all of the extra love and attention that affords.

Our Dog Bunks are professional-grade Mason Sani-Kennels™, separated by privacy panels, which means dogs do not have line of sight between kennels. The kennel room is climate controlled for warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Each bunk includes a comfy bed, toys and fresh food and water to ensure a truly relaxing sleep and a safe and comfortable stay for your canine.

We offer tours of the kennel area by appointment only. The Holidays are a busy time for our industry. Because of this, we may not be able to offer tours of the kennel areas the few days leading up to or the few days following a Holiday. Sorry for the inconvenience!
About Our Cat Room
Vista Ridge Kennels cat room is here to care for your cat(s) whenever they need a safe, enjoyable vacation home:

• Day care for busy work or school days
• Overnight stays for out-of-town trips
  or those home renovations

Vista Ridge extends a warm welcome to our feline friends. Cats become part of our Kitty Community in the bright, toy-filled play room on view from our lobby, completely removed from all dog areas. Each guest is given their own Kitty Condo, complete with a comfy bed and a personal litter tray. Once they are accustomed to their “vacation home,” our staff will routinely let your cat out to explore, play and sit in the window! Cats will have fresh water and be fed according to your instructions.
What Should I Pack?
Dogs must be on a leash from your vehicle until we take them to the kennel area.
Cats must be in a carrier from your vehicle until we take them into the cat room.

Current Rabies certificate from your vet, either a 1 year or a 3 year. Current Parvo,
Distemper & Bordetella vaccine.


Vista Ridge Sleepover guests are strongly encouraged to bring their own food to avoid tummy upsets. Please bring the food in a hard plastic container, not in a ziploc or plastic bag. We will feed according to your instructions (please include a scoop and/or portion amount). Please include an extra day or two worth of food just in case. If by chance you forget, or your food runs out, we will substitute our house food. You will be charged for the amount your pet eats. $1.00/per cup.


Pets find comfort in the reassuring scent of home and a familiar blanket or comforter is a great way to provide that. An unwashed T-shirt or other item of clothing worn by you also works well to help dogs on Sleepovers feel at home in their den.

Please Note: Separation anxiety can cause inappropriate chewing. Even ingesting of bedding and toys can occur. Our staff is vigilant in spotting and stopping such behavior ASAP. We will notify you about the problem, but we cannot repair or replace anything belonging to you, that your dog destroys. Vista Ridge reserves the right to wash soiled articles if needed.
If your dog chews up or destroys one of our bunk bedding cots, you may be charged to replace it.

Vista Ridge Dog Bunks include a cot-style bed, and our Kitty Condos have thick kitty bedding.


Feel free to bring a maximum of 2 of your pet’s favorite toys. Toys will remain in their personal Bunk or Condo
and will not be shared.


Your dog will receive one high-quality house biscuit  (large milk bone) in the afternoon and night let outs. Please let us know if your pet should not have these! Favorite treats from home are always welcome. Please let us know how many treats to feed and when.

Exit baths are available for dogs only, for an additional fee. See Our Rates page. Free baths are given on request, if your pet is staying at least 4 nights with us.

Dog Bunks & Indoor Play Area
Outdoor Play Yards
Kitty Condos
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